Letter to Brave!

Good morning Brave,

Before you continue reading, note that lines will be much less constructive, will be tough staff to hear.

No doubt I enjoyed using Brave browser, even one of ads help me to buy a thing, earned some BATs along the way, but as usual with you guys, after two months comes your joke in play. It’ s supported/not supported regions, we are not more able to connect with Gemini whole story, ok all, but tell us before we start using your browser that you’re joking in the end.

Look, I tell right now you’re using us to feed your metrics somwhere, that all you’re doing.
Now, tell us what to do with remaing BATs :
Understand things are getting tougher now. Here’s how Brave responds: no we’re not doing that, you wrong, you misunderstood a thing whole story again.
Now you’ll hear that much less constructive talk:

First let me be clear now: You Brave are’nt only browser in the town, you get this !
Things are now escalating quickly:
Question to you Brave, yes to you, listen good.

What to do with remaining BATs ?
For me there are 3 options:

  1. Waiting until your joke somehow disappears, I doubt .
  2. Tip you Brave and continue to feed your metrics. You will get hungry before you get any piece of support from my side.
  3. Yes option 3 here drama ends, I opt for 3

Option 3 is: I will send remaining BATs to the Hell you get this Brave ?
It’s a tough place to end up, so much I can tell you.
Btw. read Dante and his descriptions of people you’re going to meet there, One gets scared .
All this because of your JOKE

Above lines are for Brave to read,

bro can you please clam down … you acting like a child … don’t show yourself, … understand my words if your not indian people

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