I think i know why the creators payout is delayed

Hello, Good day to everyone.

I think I know the reason why Creators Payout for thi month is delayed. It is because of the price of BAT, Maybe they dont want to pay us while BAT price i high. So they will delay the payment as they can until the price of BAT will go down. Lower the value lower the price they need to pay.

Let me know you if you think I’m right.

PS: this thread doesnt mean anything just a hunch hope you wont take it seriously


We’re paid in bat not fiat, what ever bat was accumulated wont change, your logic is flawed


Also we don’t need speculation, we need Brave to give answers

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U still have time. The price of feb will getting higher according to last year record so don’t worry. But March the price will going down.

Ok, Just a hunch thought.
Yep we really need and answer.

Have a nice day

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Hopefully, Have a nice day


No dicen nada sobre los creadores de contenido ojala nos paguen solo digo eso aunque tarden pero que lo hagan esperemos que por el bien de nosotros nos paguen :frowning:

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But this month they didn’t update the thread for brave creator payment. I feel like abit weird. I also want to know. Hopefully they can answer us here.

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:joy: … loook … a unicorn !!

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What…? What???..

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Payments for contributions and downloads that confirmed in January will begin to pay out shortly.

Hopefully that “shortly” wont take a week. Because we need money this pandemic

Thank you,

When will content creator will get paid?

When will content creator will get paid?

Hi everyone,

I’ve received my payout for January: thank you Brave!!

Sorry @Hello4 but your theory is completly worng and I hope you’ll get your BAT soon.

Have a nice day!


Which payment have you got…Is it publishers payment…Please let us know

This is a publisher thread, so…

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Yes but there is no kind of publishers thread has been created by the moderators. Thats why asked you

I understand you but I don’t need such thread because I know I’ll receive my BAT.
The Brave team is doing a great work for us.

Hope you’ll get your BAT soon.


Thanks. I have 1365Bat in my publishers account and i am from Bangladesh. Thank you for showing hope