Brave Creator Payout Delay

Is there a delay in BAT payout for creators? Usually thep release payout by the 8th or 9th of the month now it is already the 13th. Anyone having the same problem?


Yap, I’m continuously contacting them, they say Payouts are still in the process @steeven


Is it already on the blockchain? Is this the first time that this has happened?


I’m new user, I’m going through this process for the first time, but I have seen many grevencies user haven’t got there pay since last 2 or 3 or 4 months :neutral_face:


They are usually pretty consistent especially last year. December 2020 is the last time i received a payout last month I’ve accumulated around 37BAT I thought they were gonna pay me by the 8th or 9th but i was wrong


I Think they also got effected by COVID or there employees busy in getting Vaccines that’s why process slow down, just kidding :upside_down_face:


i also haven’t got my payment ita April 14

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@steeven hello sir i haven’t got my payment for April it’s 14th . please process my payout

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If you haven’t received your creator’s payment please DM me the email linked to your account.


Hi @steeven i have already sent you my email linked to my account 5hrs ago. Hoping for a fast transaction thank you

@steeven I have DM you twice but you haven’t checked it … please check it and tell me the solution.

Hey. Please reply back to my DM. I have sent it to you many times but it has not yet been answered.

@steeven I have the same problem. Sent email to DM

@steeven i too have the same issue sent the email link to the account

yes same problem here
but steeven said, payments are still processing

@steeven hello sir i had send you my mail id liked with my creator account and by the whats the status of the creator payout for this month i haven’t got my payment still.

Hello all, I’m currently working through my DM’s. If you haven’t already DM’d me the email linked to your account please do so. Thanks for your patience.