I still haven't received the April rewards

I still haven’t received the April rewards, how many days do I have to wait?
I also checked the steps in the warning note below, but nothing changed. My account is Uphold verified.

Your April rewards with +3.54 BAT are on the way. Keep an eye on your wallet!

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Once or twice over the last couple of years BAT came a few days later than usual. Just follow the green dots in the status update at the top of the page. By the time they turn red, hopefully you will have your BAT.

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I have one more question.
For example, if I started using it on April 20, will the payments be made in May or in June?

Mine are also delayed. But I know they’re coming. Yours will too :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hello to everyone,
My rewards have arrived, I just had to wait a bit

Hi Winston. I don’t work for Brave but believe your first rewards (for Apr 20th thru end May) should come in June. That’s how it always worked on my end at least.

My rewards have started arriving today for unverified wallets.

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