I did not receive my BAT's

Good evening! Is it happening to someone else who has not received their BAT’s? It is the second consecutive month that happens to me that I do not get the BAT’s on the stipulated day (7 of each month).

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If your wallet is verified, It usually takes a few days longer than brave shows you when it is supposed to be arriving. I have not gotten my stuff on uphold either. But I am sure it will be there within the next few days.

wait up to 9 October

I do not have verified uphold wallet but still nothing is being shown on my brave wallet

My desktop browser which is currently not verified had a claim button. I pressed it and immediatly had the BATs earlier today in the morning.
My verfied androids BAT did not arrive yet on uphold. Which is fine. As I said earlier. it always takes 1-2 days longer.

why does brave dont give bat reward in ios user???

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