Still not receive BAT rewards

Good afternoon.

Today is April 19th and I still haven’t received the rewards, despite the above saying that verified wallets have already been paid. What didn’t happen to me. I avoided creating another typical topic, but as they do not respond to messages, I was “forced” to do so.
So if you can help me, I’d appreciate it!


Me too. I hope they will fix this problem during this week…

i am also facing the same problem

same, i still havent received bats. my account is uphold. i sent message to steeve but he still answer me.

Still haven’t received my April rewards either. Hope they get this sorted out. There’s a couple verified creators I was hoping to tip. I like the idea and I was hoping to do my little part to keep this thing going.

I also have this same problem.

I am also facing the same problem.

me too not got my brave rewards this month

What is amazing is that BRAVE should be able to see at any time which wallet Uphold has not received its rewards and take action automatically…
If not, there will always be problems and the business will stop! No?

Same here, missing rewards from two devices.

If you’ve already sent me your wallet payment ID, the team is currently reviewing. If you haven’t, please send in a DM. Thanks for your patience.