I selected wrong county

ı selected wrong country what should ı do

Does having another region selected affect us in anything besides showing us ads that correspond to another country?

Yes, when the payment time will come it will not pay the earnings from viewed ads due to the region discrepancy. Better to reset the reward profile and choose the right one.

That happens if we use a VPN too??

@Doremarplay2 Currently, the country selection only is impacting you being able to connect to a custodial partner. For example, if you’re in Turkey but you chose to say you’re in United States, you’ll be unable to link to a custodial partner. The reason is it will see on Uphold that you’re actually verified for Turkey and will consider you were trying to cheat Brave by claiming you’re in the United States. Basically, that it’s attempted fraud.

As to the ads we see, it’s actually still based on a number of things. While your selected region and custodial partner still plays a role, it primarily uses your device’s Locale and IP address to determine which ads to show you. If those things don’t match, you shouldn’t earn BAT and it can get your account flagged/suspended.

There will be changes in the future. They are debating on a few different options. The two primary would be:

Option #1:

When your IP address changes, such as using VPN, you won’t be able to earn BAT from ads. It’s not that it will flag you or anything, but it will pause Rewards until you have everything go back to your region.

Option #2:

Brave Ads will show based on the country you have chosen and the country you’ve verified with. It doesn’t matter what IP Address or Locale you have on your device. This would mitigate issues for people who use VPN, travel a lot, etc.

However, we will have to see what happens and how far down the road this might be. They have a lot to consider in terms of policy, security, etc.

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