I received my July rewards in my wallet but my Brave browser didn't get reduced

I received 12.82698 BAT for July in my Uphold wallet on August 8, 2020. But the amount was never subtracted from my Brave rewards page. As much as I like free stuff, I already was paid the 12.82698 BAT and that amount should be deducted from my Brave Rewards page.

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@Mattches or @steeven

I know this could be a minor bug and that actually you are in a bussy situation with all the stuff going on, i really don’t know if you have knowlage of this issue, but if you do is there any update (it has been reported on past days by several users, as well i have been experiencing the same).

As for @Amigo13. Like already mention, several users have been reporting this issue, but for now there isn’t any fix. Actually there have been lots of problems going on with rewards program, but they are working to solve every one of them.

Personally if we don’t have issues with the next payment i think this fix could wait.


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