I need help with some swaps and shipments I need to do

I have cryptocurrencies, and I would like to be able to manage them as I wish, otherwise I am not able to do so in any way.
First, the crypto that I would like to move to another wallet is my entire amount of worldcoins but the gas commission asks me for some amount of ETH and nothing happens but there are times when it does not ask me for any amount and it does not let me send it either.
Well, assuming that this is a mistake, I try to obtain a small amount of ETH by doing a swap with my woldscoins but it won’t let me either because it tells me that I have a small amount of ETH and of course that is what I want to get.

please any help is important thanks.

@Angelito1 what network is your Worldcoin tokens on? And which network did you get your ETH on? They are both available on Ethereum or Optimism. So like if you have your Worldcoin (WLD) on Optimism and you bought ETH on Ethereum, then you wouldn’t have the gas required. You would need ETH on Optimism to cover the gas for transactions on Optimism. And the reverse is true as well. If your WLD is on ETH and you bought ETH from Optimism,. you’d be unable to send.

Also of the two, Optimism requires less gas fees. If your coins are on Ethereum, the gas prices have been kind of high, like 50 GWEI (which is about $4) as I’m writing this. So you’d need to make sure you have that available.

In comparison, Optimism would need about $0.23 worth of ETH to send