Facebook problems

So I just finished adding my link and etc to my Facebook page I run. I’ve had many clicks on it but did notice a couple problems. When clicking the link nothing is showing up. I swear if I just advertised this to all my followers promoting it, saying it was the greatest thing and the referral link doesn’t even work I’m going to be upset. Can someone let me know what’s going on.

@Mastmnds can you elaborate more about your issue? I’m not entirely sure about your post.


Is the referral tracking with Facebook working? I’ve sent multiple friends from it and nothing has registered.

I’ve sent over 23 people to brave now with the link and still nothing is showing. Can someone please let me know something.

I guess no one is going to answer and this problem is still showing 0 in my stats. I’ll be removing my advertising from my accounts.

Taken from our Help Center:

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