I need help finding my backup on linux after my system bricked and i needed a fresh install

I as said, installed a new SO but i need to find where my BAT is at linux. I have like 14 BAT in there and i am with my bricked system on my ssd. Is there a way to find this? And how can i not lose this BAT? I apreciate. Thanks.

Short version:
If you can access your drive, it will be under /brave folder if you can get to it…assuming you weren’t Verified.

If you’re Verified and using Uphold/Gemini, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it as BAT should hopefully have been communicated through the server and pay out in this next pay period. (don’t take that statement 100%, but generally how I’ve seen it work).

If you can’t access anything on your drive and you weren’t Verified, then you’re kind of out of luck on getting BAT typically. And Brave can’t really do much as the information they would need is something you’d have to provide from your browser, which is your Wallet Payment ID.

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Thanks, Man. I’m trying to talk on the distro support and i wasn’t verified on a wallet.

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