Lost my brave reward savings due to broken solid disk

I changed my SSD so I can’t restaurate my saving of brave rewards i has saving them for months, and I need to get them back. I did not receive any notification or alert on how to safely store my savings before putting them in a wallet, they should clarify how to improve their information system because if this had not happened to me, I would not have even known how to recover it. I confused the brave wallet (I created one) with the brave rewards savings, I would like to know if there is any way to recover that or I will have to change my browser because I do not plan to start saving 15 bats to be able to do something with that money.


@Bruulio Is your account verified?

Hi. Nope. I realise that i used to verify my account after this happened, cause i didn’t know that i have to, theres no warning or something

I created a wallet in that account, do you think that would help?

@Bruulio You can recover your BATs only if you have an account with Uphold, Gemini or Bitflyer.
I agree with you that it is the reponsability of Brave to warn their users about the fate of their BATs in case of hardware accident, Brave reinstallation, using VPN, changing countries, and the list is long!

You’d need to put it back into a PC and get the User Data from the C:/ drive, and then replace it on the new SSD. I don’t believe there is a way to recovery them. I’m not 100% but this is my understanding. Sorry.

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Hey. So you say using the VPN can cause loss of BAT? I have verified wallets on all my devices/PCs, but i recently got an invitation to use the beta VPN and was just starting to realize that i would need to set up a verified wallet for the nightly version of Brave (since it is an entirely different app than the official Brave). I don’t want to set up a verified wallet bc I found out recently, after getting a new computer, that you only get 4 instances with each verified wallet provider to set them up in Brave. I had to set one up with Gemini since I have already used my 4 chances of recovering my wallet with Uphold. So now I’m wondering, if I use the nightly Brave app to test out the VPN, and I don’t set up a verified wallet, can I transfer those BAT tokens to one of my verified wallets when I’m done with the beta test and am ready to uninstall the app? Is this what you meant when you said using VPN will cause loss of BAT tokens? Thanks.

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