Brave rewards payout not recieved yet

I did nit recieved my payout for 2 months now, what is the problem? Can anyone help me find out? Thanks for the advice

Which payout? Creator payout or your ads earning?

Its on my ads earnings, because i did not recieved my supposed to be payout last jan 8 and now this feb 8.

No answer yet, i am worried and thinking that brave reward is already a s-c-a-m…

I had the same problem. I needed to send an email to the brave community with my wallet details and so on in order to receive my BATs.

At the end, last month I’ve uninstalled Brave from my PC and reinstalled again from zero. Now, I get the brave rewards after each month.

Is this true? But how about the brave user that is using android is that effective?

Brave Rewards are still not available for Android users.

You can see ads and get BATs, but you cannot claim them at the moment.

But i was able to claim my first reward using android last dec 8 and after no more claims

You claimed, but you don’t have it in the Uphold wallet :relaxed:

This function is still under construction for Android :grin:

I have claimed my reward last dec 8 and after that theres no more claim on jan 8 and feb 8

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