I lost the BAT that I had accumulated

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Description of the issue:
Yesterday I had 0,165 BAT and I lost them today. When I checked I didn’t have them anymore. 1 BAT still costs 0.03 USD but I don’t have BAT anymore, before this, Brave prizes showed that it was going to pay me the 4th of february, today is 29th of january and now it says that it’s going to pay me the 5th of March. I downloaded Uphold so I can see the BAT. I don’t have automatic contributions on but I have ads on and 5 ads per hour. I also stopped receiving advertisements, even if I only used Brave to search on the internet. What should I do? Can you help me in these issues?

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Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave version 1.19.86
Mobile Device details
Motorola Moto e7 plus
**Additional data
English is not my first language and right now I live in Argentina

i just got them back. I don’t know what happened. How can I receive more ads? I put them at 5 an hour but I have not received an ad since the first day I installed brave the 27th of january this year

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yeah, I received two ads from the main page of brave. But I didn´t get any BAT. What happened?

with main page I mean of the phone app

There’s no bat in your “pending rewards” in your wallet settings?

That was before, now I got them back. I don’ know what happened it even put the payment for later, before it was 4th of february later when I lost them It put it to 5th of march and now that I got them back it put them the 5th of february. Now I watch ads but I don’t get any BAT.

Send a dm to @steeven explaining your problem, be as much detailed as you can

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Don’t worry, I just received some BAT from some ads I watched. I will send the dm when the problem repeats again. Thank you

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