Why this happened again I lost my bats >

I have been using brave for more than 3 months and initially I wan’t even getting ads and bats both. At that time, it was fine but since my brave rewards was turned on , after a month, I started getting ads and earned rewards I barely had earned 5 bats which were shown in estimated pending rewards but my laptop was getting slow due to running of video editing software on background and suddently brave stopped working and closed. When I restarted it, I estimated pending rewards reset to 0. I tried to contact brave through email but got to know that BRAVE actually doesn’t provide dedicated email support to users instead they have support for bussiness, creator and many other but not for help. For this they choose easy way of creating community. But even I searched community and found a similar problem and solution posted was that the counter of ad-notification when remains same, then they pay next month for that value. So I was assured that my rewards are still there . Now after 20 days on 6th MAY 2020 was the time to claim my rewards for the first time at that time I have nearly 15 bats in my mobile brave browser and on windows 10 , I have nearly 10 bats but claim didnot work on windows and I got error and lost my bats. With mobile, on clicking claim, the circle rotates and never stops and this happened 2-3 times when I restarted browser then eventually I lost all my bats on mobile also. Total loss was of 30 bats. Throughout this whole problem from start, I tried to find solution on community and net and doesn’t saw anything useful other than blog post reporting this type of thing from 2018 (I saw a post that old) and even latest releases have this issue again even in 2019 and now in 2020 but brave doesn’t thought to fix it yet.I already read post of 5th MAY claim posted by brave support and checked my both versions and found they are not updated so I updated them on 7th may and nothing happened. Now tell me whether I will be able to get my bats or not. I doesn’t have uphold account and in desktop, I got the same server issue. I think you doesn’t even care about users because you only wanted money without putting much effort as you are trying to force users to create uphold accounts and doesn’t even provide email for sharing issues.What other thing should I uninstall it now?

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