I deleted brave and redownload it but my"BAT"gone

The issue as what I wrote in title I don’t know why this happened but it happened so my question is by any chance Can I get them back or start from a start again?
What I expect to reply
1 an answer for my question
2 more information about it so in future I don’t do anything like this
3 how can I protect myself from this issue in future
Browser (1.43.90)
Phone Poco x3

Hey, was your wallet verified with Uphold/Gemini or Bitflyer (though only available in Japan) ?
If no then there’s nothing that can be done to recover the old BATs. That is because unverified rewards are saved on in Brave’s local files and since you reinstalled it, the files got erased and then re written. I don’t think you can now get the lost BATs back.

Yes start from scratch. sorry to say this.

You should verify your wallet if your region is supported for rewards verification therefore whenever you receive rewards they will be on your Uphold/Gemini account (online) so reinstalling will recover them if you log in to the same account.

Link for supported countries for rewards verification →

Generally need issues in your topic, not just title. But it is what it is.

Brave is where your BAT is stored, so you can pretend they are like your wallet or purse. Uphold/Gemini are like banks, where you deposit the money.

When you deleted Brave, it is like you threw away your wallet/purse that had lots of money in it. Then when you redownloaded Brave, it is like you bought a new wallet/purse.

Obviously, your money that’s in the trash along with your old wallet/purse won’t reappear in your new one. You would have had to take the money out. In the case with Brave, that means doing a backup or depositing into a bank.

If you’ve done complete backups of your Android where you could revert to an older version, maybe. But usually it’s much harder for Android compared to trying to do with Desktop.

That is everything you asked, but I’ll do you a favor and summarize.

Most likely lost forever unless the BAT was in Uphold/Gemini

Honestly, might want to read PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers as I talk about a lot of this in a bit of detail, as far as what BAT is, how it’s stored, etc.

Best way is to be verified with Uphold or Gemini. If you’re in an unsupported region or unable to have accounts with them for any reason, then you’ll need to do regular backups of Brave so you don’t lose it. Losing the device, uninstalling Brave, etc will cause your BAT to go away if unverified and there’s no way to recover it because it’s stored on your device and not online.

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