I lost all my passwords and default profile

I have been using Brave browser with 3 different profiles on my desktop for about 1 year without any problems. Until I restarted my computer 1 hour ago…
Missing datas:

  1. My default profile was completely deleted. Tabs were opened as I left it, my bookmarks were up to date, but the profile was newly created, my sync settings and passwords were deleted.
  2. Profile 2 and profile 3 were not deleted but all of my passwords for these profiles were deleted.
  3. New sync codes are assigned to profile 2 and profile 3 every time i open these profiles. At the same time, the devices I used in my old sync chain appear in the device list. It does not make sense. It doesn’t work when I press leave sync to delete these codes. Even if I can update these codes with my own sync code, my passwords will not come. Because I was not keeping my passwords in other profiles in sync. Is there a way to restore them from local?

Why can’t I leave sync chain?
How can I restore these data?
And how can this data be lost even if I do nothing?

Hi there @cagdas, welcome to Community :smiley:

**Can you please confirm which OS are you on and which Brave Browser Version?

Also as a follow up can you answer these questions:

  1. Do you have clear browser data on exit?
  2. Do you have any extensions installed?
  3. Can you find your profile folder and see if you can recover your password file. You can follow this thread to find your folder directory. After using TEAMS, new profile, old profile gone, BAT gone - #4 by Aa-ron

Salty :banana:

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