All of my saved passwords are gone, what can I do?

Turned on my computer today and Brave doesn’t have a single password saved. Major pain. What happened? All my bookmarks are there and I don’t have any profiles to switch between. I’m a fairly advanced user so if there’s something I can do under the hood to get the passwords back let me know.

Update: I notice that when I open Brave settings my profile is called “Profile 1”. I don’t recall ever seeing that before. I also notice that in the …\User Data\Default folder there is a file called “Login Data” that appears to contain logins (I can see web sites that I log into) so the data might still be there.

How do I get “profile 1” to go back to “Default”? I’m not seeing any way to switch, and there doesn’t appear to be any other profiles. Can I simply rename “Profile 1” to “Default” and get everything back? Or maybe rename the “Default” directory to “Profile 1”?

Don’t want to experiment and maybe lose stuff.

@scotsscripts ,

The steps that I suggest, re be prepared (for the next occasion), are among two of my previous replies:

On a Mac, the BraveSoftware folder is located (all three path examples lead to the same location):

~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/

$HOME/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/

/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/




Do not rename the folder that is named “Default”. During original installation, that (“Default”) is the name of the folder for Profile 1.

So how do these two posts help me get Brave to read the saved password file? Sorry for being dense, those two posts seem to describe how to backup data, not restore.

Also, I can see the file “Login Data” file and I if I view it I can see all the sites with the “lost” passwords, but for some reason Brave isn’t reading it.

Brave must be pretty buggy to have something this basic break.


Did you delete your cookies?

  1. Go to …\User Data\Default folder, copy the files Bookmarks.htm and Bookmarks.bak, paste them in a folder and keep them safe in case you need them later.

  2. Go back to …\User Data\Default folder, delete Bookmarks.htm, Rename Bookmarks.bak to Bookmarks.htm.

  3. Open Brave.

Thanks for the response. I did not delete cookies, although it appears that they have been deleted since I’m getting cookie notices on sites that I’ve already accepted cookies on.

Before I do the bookmark thing, I wanted to ask how your bookmark steps will help with the issue of Brave not reading the Login Data password file? I’m not having any issues with bookmarks, but I don’t know the inner workings of Brave and if bookmarks and passwords are related.


Because you didnt delete the cookies and you can actually see the passwords I suggest you check your default settings as in the pdf doc (my settings )

Thanks for the effort with that pdf, above and beyond.

My settings are basically the same, some unrelated settings different.

This doesn’t really matter, I store all my login info anyway, it’s just a major pain because I’m logging into different client stores all day long.

Hopefully it doesn’t happen again. I’ll be done with brave if it does.

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