I have two problem in Brave Browser

Hi, I love brave browser and i’ve been used it for 3 month on my pc and my phone and everything is fine but i have two problems.

  1. When i go to google earth and still loading and i turn shield off and still loading but i had uninstall it and then re-install again but still loading again.

  2. When i click upper right corner and then click more tools and click create shortcut and i open it but it’s not opening, i did uninstall it and re-install but still not opening.

What should i do?

I hope you fix it as possible as soon.

Thank you for reading.

Anyone? I need reply

@Mattches for assistance here.

Try to change UserAgent (Google has an extension for Chrome).
Sometimes it could help.

Hi, it’s not working for me, i did try for opera vs firefox and other in menu but not working at all, it says you must download chrome.

What about Shields? Did you try to turn it off?

This is due to us blocking chrome://pnacl/ (Portable Native Client) which Google Earth uses:

While it’s currently marked as wontfix, its mentioned in the comments that PNaCl is being depreciated anyway so we’ll likely see this fixed in a chromium bump down the line. Appreciate your patience.

Don’t working yet and it says Google Earth isn’t supported by your browser and Try download google chrome.

Have you read what i said about other problem, create shortcut?

The Google Earth situation was answered to in my previous response:

The issue with shortcuts created this way – also referred to as Progressive Web Apps – is known and has a fix applied moving down the pipeline:

You should see this resolved in the v0.66x releases.

Thank you for your reply,

I’m reading what you said about google earth so i got it and yes, i do changed it " chrome_proxy.exe to brave.exe " but i just want this problem to get fixed it and it would be great :slight_smile:

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