Brave browser ads are not blocked


Hello, I’ve been used Brave for the first time but seem like amazing and working fine and enjoyed it

And now i have one problem, when i open brave browser but it does not block ads on google and all sites and i visited youtube and ads are not blocked yet but i don’t know why… please help me

I’m using version: 73.0.3683.75

Here is screenshot.


Thank you!


If I understand correctly, you’re saying that the ad count per page always shows ‘0’?


Yes, it always shows 0 on Google and ads are showing up on youtube and also other sites

But Brave block ads were working fine and then i used ccleaner and then restart pc and then open Brave and block ads are not working on every sites.

I don’t know what is the problem, but there is way to fix this?

Thank you.


Anyone? I’m still having problem

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Apologies for the late reply, looking into this now. Interesting that this happened after you ran ccCleaner. You may have inadvertently wiped something Brave needed but I’m not sure that’s the case here – most of the time users report ccCleaner missing Brave directories.

Can you try downloading our Beta or Developer channel builds and see if they behave the same way? Installing them will not delete or overwrite any of your current installations data – it’s perfectly safe.


I did installed it for second times and now it’s working fine but if ccleaner could be deleted adblock from Brave but can you fix it?

but about another problem, i created shortcut desktop for websites but it won’t opening, and google earth is not working because loading 0% is stuck, so, what should i do?

Thank you.


Please open separate topics for different issues you encounter. I can tell you that Google Earth will likely load if you open your Shields panel and change the Device Recognition Setting to Allow all Device Recognition.


Not working yet

But you can go to Google Earth on Brave Browser for see if works or not


Just chiming in. Ads on google search results and YouTube ads are first party ads which are not blocked. This is expected for now. Once cosmetic adblock is implemented these should not be shown.


You are right, yeah ads are showing up in google search and YouTube but if adblock not work again but how i can enable it?


You can use the context menu adblock to block these. Right click on the ad and select Brave-> Block element via selector.


I did but don’t work.

Anyway, ccleaner did not deleted adblock from Brave because my brave browser has extension and i closed tray icon taskbar and before use ccleaner but adblock is still working fine… weird

Everything is fine for me, thank you for help :slight_smile:

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