Google Earth Studio - not load PNaCl

Hi everyone!
Could you help me? Is that normal? Is there a solution?
Thank you!

Description of the issue:

  • When I connect to the Earth Studio website (, when I click on Try Earth Studio, it redirects me directly to “” page telling me this: It looks like Chrome could not load Portable Native Client (PNaCl). and asks me to check for updates on “chrome://components/” (which already only works halfway since I sometimes have the status “Component not updated”) and then activate PNaCl here: “chrome://nacl/” except that this link doesn’t exist in Brave.

Actual Result:


Reproduces how often:

  • Each time

Brave Version:

  • Version 0.66.90 Chromium: 75.0.3770.87 (Official build) beta (64 bits)

Reproducible on current live release:

  • Yes

Google Earth is really finicky. Even just the normal “consumer” side doesn’t work in Brave. I’ve never gotten it to work properly in any browser other than Chrome.