I have to sync my pc to android to get my stuff back and it wont sync even with the right chain, and it forces the waybackmch. when sites break with no reason

Description of the issue:
it always forces way back machine on sites then follows to break acsess from other sites making them load forever and now it wont let me even sync back to my pc so im stuck without my stuff and need it in 2 days
Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
1.use brave for blank amount of days be it weeks or 2 days in this case

2.uninstall then import my pws for sites

  1. it works well and dies after a few visits to gamebanna and after that it proceeds to break sites the most was 2 a link vital for my job and gb

Reproduces how often:

every few days after installing brave

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:

this pc and my android

Additional Information:

how and why it happens and how do i get my stuff back on my pc before it dies and im more or less eff’d by Tuesday,how do you delete old syncs( them being when my pc had my stuff there’s about 8 left including my android ive look into ways on getting rid of them but theres only options for deleting my phone from it which wont help bc that would delete everything sync chain does nothing

This seems more like an Android issue, and it’s like you have a virus or something up to no good on the Android. Did you reset your Android device to see if that would fix the problem? Something you added could be the issue.

Was talking about my pc my phone is the thing that’s fine. Its mainly the pc i got it to work but its soon to repeat again. Ive scanned with Malwarebytes, windows defender, total av ccleaner for viruses, malware, trojans in case because its done that and my ram/gpu have been running around 40% idle so I’m open for suggestions, sorry if it wasnt worded correctly it did the 225 chars and i thought it meant the box but it meant the title made sure everything was still in the description. That it send the note eleven minutes ago(ive had a email. be 17 hours late despite sending it and them receiving it but it took almost a day to get back)

If the GPU/3D (stream/cuda/execution units) are at 40% not even using the mouse, something is wrong. If there’s no programs running and you just freshly booted up, and you still see that, something is causing the problem on your computer that’s not Brave related. This isn’t the right forum for computer problems. It’s hard to find exactly what’s running in the GPU as they often don’t use much CPU. I would go through all the processes in the Task Manager(windows) that I don’t recognize. If it’s something that can hide from that, I’d check all the autoruns everywhere, scheduled tasks, and all DLLs loaded.

Basically, since I keep simplifying everything, I would clean the drive and start over as a precaution if I couldn’t discover all the issue sources. You will lose all BAT and pending BAT if you uninstall Brave.

nc what bat is never really read much about it. hope to Ll i dont have to wipe my ssds again, first it was linux then win10- getting messed up ll my Linux uninstalled it self b4 which made no sense. ill lock or close the thread just figured i should respond before doing so

Either someone is messing with your computer, or you are messing with things that cause issues. Good luck.

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thanks, its probly amd drivers again they been awful( always been with intel)