Urgent help needed

Hello i have a problem.

I use two profiles, so here i was using some programs with 10 plus tabs on brave. Then my pc starts to lag. Because my pc was lagging i pressed end task of task manager on bravesoftware something i dont remember. Still it was lagging and after waiting 10 plus minutes with no responce i decided to force shutdown. After my pc turned on i opened brave and it opened to my first profile. You see when there are 2 profile or more it shows window which asks what profile i want to open. And as you guessed my profile which i was using before lag dissappeared. I need to get back my bookmark and passwords on that profile what should i do?

sorry for my mistakes, i m not very good at english

do you have another device logged in to that account? if you do, then use brave sync to re sync you account to your pc. i hope this helps!

no i only use on pc.

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