I have not received the payment of April 5

Why has my tips reset but the estimated still showing? and why is it an estimate? when there is “Ad notifications received this month”, it cannot be an estimate if you know how many ads you received. The sponsored ads are not added to this total, this was pointed out last month. If I received so many ads then that’s what should be paid.

Thanks for answering. And until what day will they be making payments?

But I would be getting used to it. Unbeknowns to anyone this whole Rewards program is the reason why many of their members have flocked to use the browser and to the amazement of the Dev Team they have released this f@ke program is helping them gain the notice they were hoping for. Shame the whole thing is an elaborate ho@x.

Hi @russellm - Please see DM. Thank you.

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Well, I know that I got my payment on my iPhone’s Brave browser. Now, just waiting for my desktop version of Brave to catch up.

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@vero That is great to hear. Let’s hope the remainder of the member can see the same results. It is a shame that this side of the Browser is suffering at the moment with such bad vibes coming from the members in sheer frustration including myself. I am guilty of it as well. I must say that @steeven and his team are appearing to be working through the issues and not just sitting on their hands.
I guess we will all have to watch that space as there must be millions of transactions taking place at the same time. I hope there is a resolution to this whole saga.

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@russellm, Would it be nice if the Brave team would have posted like a small notification that could appear in the Brave Rewards box/in brave://rewards that shows something small like “We’re processing payments, please be patient” with a link to a blog article or something acknowledging what’s going on? Absolutely.

It’s great that the Brave team are on it, though proactive communication about this could be incredibly helpful to ease concerns.

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As a Brave user and member of the Rewards program I too am facing issues with the whole program just like many other members are. I appreciate your concern and wholeheartedly agree with you. The bad press that Brave is receiving over this fiasco is nothing short of damaging for the brand.
SURE there are many many little helpers that could be implemented as you have suggested however I think at this stage Brave and the dev team have much bigger fish to fry at the moment as they flounder to put out all the spot fires associated with this monumental stuff up.
We can’t even see if any transactions are taking place even as their dosn’t even seem to be any sort of ledger to confirm or deny that these monthly transaction are even happening.

Also FYI - This is the response that I have received back from Uphold Support thinking that it may be an issue on their end.

Thanks for contacting the Uphold support team.

Brave should be doing the deposit of the accumulated BAT from your Brave browser to your Uphold account automatically the first week of each month, on the information on your account it shows that you have been verified since October and it doesn’t show any issues as to why the amount of funds that shows on your Uphold account and Brave browser doesn’t match, to be able to get more information regarding this we would recommend contacting Brave directly at support@brave.com as they are the ones that make these deposits they should be able to provide more information regarding this.

I’m not sure it’s risen to the level of “bad press” yet. More like a hiccup or a nuisance but in this era of COVID-19, I’m not surprised that Brave would face hiccups too. I’m also a Brave Content Creator and I did receive my payout of BAT yesterday (or was it the day before?), which was a little hinky as that usually tends to lag behind my browser’s payout.

But yeah, that’s just an idea for a feature request. Ideally, something that will be added to their Trello board (or whatever they use for task management). Sure, it may pale in comparison to the “much bigger fish” but the thing about these little things is it is much easier to implement a bunch of little feature requests to make the next release much more impressive. My hope is that they fix Brave Sync soon so I can share tabs betwen my laptop and my iPhone when I’m not near my Mac.

Also, I fail to see how this is a hoax as you mentioned before. I’ve received BAT before… and while there is some oddity (for example, it doesn’t seem to render ad notifications when you’re using it in full-screen mode in MacOS), by and large, I have received real crypto via my desktop and mobile browsers. Though it would be nice to have it deposited to my Uphold wallet from my mobile browsers like I can for my desktop browser. I’ve been receiving BAT each month since I started making Brave my primary browser. It seems that the more one uses Brave, the more BAT they accumulate. I think I’m due 17 BAT from my laptop and before I got my new iPhone last month, I think my last phone accumulated 20 BAT a month or so.

I take on board your concerns and ideas, however from the vast amount of posts just with this forum I can only deduce that the natives are getting restless and want some answers.
I fail to see [at this stage] how a browser can so widely promote the fact that they have exclusivity with a crypto feature associated to their browser and then fail to deliver on a key point of it. To me it smells of a failure to support a feature that may have been seen initially to be one of possibly not realising the support of it’s users that it would receive. I think they whole model needs to be frozen, investigated and possibly revisited to accommodate for the massive amount of users using it. Even with potential alternate wallet providers to releave some of the pressure being applied on Uphold.
I guess we will have to watch that space.

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Thanks for answering friend, well I will have to wait for the payment to arrive in the wallet, I was already worried about the day we were in and nothing had arrived


I have not received the payment of April 5 help admins

This is why I think they should have a common wallet across the desktop and mobile versions, @patt17 . That way, there are less wallets to pay out to. Seems like a sensible approach.

You are not alone. so disappointed :frowning:

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Could someone explain why I didn’t get my rewards in April after watched a bunch of ads, but got in March? In the setting section, everything is enabled, but nothing seems to appear in the account. I would appreciate any suggestion about why it happened from time to time and what do I do?


Oh you want explanations, sorry none of that here.

Still waiting for help. I’ve made a new post with the screen shots here No Payout for March...feeling a little ignored

DM’s @steeven with screen shots and internals. Why isn’t anyone helping?

@sneakybrit - A paste from the other thread. We’ve been heads down helping folks out the past 3 days. I really appreciate your patience. I’ve passed your info along to our Dev team and will hopefully have an answer for you soon. Thank you.

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