I have not received the payment of April 5

This is why I think they should have a common wallet across the desktop and mobile versions, @patt17 . That way, there are less wallets to pay out to. Seems like a sensible approach.

You are not alone. so disappointed :frowning:

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Could someone explain why I didn’t get my rewards in April after watched a bunch of ads, but got in March? In the setting section, everything is enabled, but nothing seems to appear in the account. I would appreciate any suggestion about why it happened from time to time and what do I do?


Oh you want explanations, sorry none of that here.

Still waiting for help. I’ve made a new post with the screen shots here No Payout for March...feeling a little ignored

DM’s @steeven with screen shots and internals. Why isn’t anyone helping?

@sneakybrit - A paste from the other thread. We’ve been heads down helping folks out the past 3 days. I really appreciate your patience. I’ve passed your info along to our Dev team and will hopefully have an answer for you soon. Thank you.

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