I have confirmed referral but no rewards?!

When did they confirm?

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A few hours ago, 9 hours ago I think.

Then you will be payed out on December 8th for the confirmations.

What I mean is that the reward itself is not reflecting on Publishers Account, it’s not like for the past month after it confirms the BAT on Publishers Account will reflect the specific amount of rewards right?
Here is the image, it’s not adding for the rewards

I’ve read the announcement of yours, and now I know the reasons, maybe because of that freeze period right?

@P1ng-Guerrero Can you please elaborate about the announcement? I have same problem (confirmed referral but not rewards).

I have the same problem, confirmed referrals and the Rewards do not appear

Yeah, confirmed but the creators’ wallet doesn’t increase or should I say the specific reward do not reflect on balance.

@steeven it is now November 9, i thought the freeze will remain until November 8, but my referral rewards doesn’t still reflecting to my Creators Wallet.

Steven today is 9 said that on 8 the payments are regenerated and I am still the same with those confirmed from the 6 and not even 1 bat appears, the payments will not be regressed
please check this problem

Hi @steeven up until now my referral rewards is not reflecting on my Creators Wallet and my pending BAT last month is being transfer or payed out

I am also joining. After november 9 payout… My next confirmed referrals (from october 9,10,11,12…) are not counting on my BAT creator wallet balance.

brave will not give any bat from now. They just rip us off without any notice

They noticed really kindly, so I do not have a problem… I think this is just a temporary thing. I hope… It would not be a good reputation from Brave to did this now… They said last payout will be in early January. That make sense, that it should still work.

No bro they rip us all, after they have reached 20 million users. Sorry to say but it’s true.

What does this mean for first opens, confirmations, and payouts?

  • After November 23rd, referrals (first opens) driven by referrers will no longer be eligible for payout.
  • Brave will pay out on confirmations that occur before December 24th. A confirmation is a 30 day active user of Brave.
  • Final payments for December confirmations will be made in early January 2021.

So this from the article is false or what ?

Confirmed wallet funds are not added to my account help me

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If you haven’t already, please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

@steeven I’ve already sent you a message please check :slight_smile:

After 48 hours still no response from steeven and from admin team… nobody cares… good reputation… not even single message from anyone…