BAT refferal Rewards not getting credited in publisher account

I have got multiple confirmation between nov 1- nov 10 for month of October it shows in dashboard confirmed 30 days download for month of October but bat is not getting credited to my brave publisher account

Anyone else having this problem

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same problem i got 100 or 120 confirms everyday but bat balance still 2.82 not growing up

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Everybody has this problem… still no fix…

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I am also having this problem.

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yes, same proble
the administration seems to be already in the know


Please DM me the email linked to your account and I can take a look. Thank you!


Please help me too. I messaged you a lot but youre not replying

@Kim001 did steeven solved your problem?

@Carlolo did steeven solved your problem?

No hes not even replying or anything. I mentioned him almost in every post about this issue

The same, he is not replying at all… ignore… :man_shrugging:

Im so sad about this because i worked hard for this referrals. And this issue happens to me for no reason. And the referral program will close soon. We might ended up not getting paid at all

same here bro i really hard work to refferals bro refferal is so hard

@Carlolo, you message was sent 5hours ago, and I’ve just responded. For others with issues, please DM me with the email linked to your account, and I can take a look on Monday. Thank you.

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why you asked for our emails - are you admin and have not any information about big problem in your company ?

If you’d like help getting to the bottom of an issue with your publishers account, I’m here to help, but will need this info.