BAT not recived for CONFIRMED referrals

Hi, I have problem. My referral status is updatet but not granted for BAT.
Does anyone have same issue?

Hi @kolindarko - publisher payouts will begin over the weekend.

I know that but I didn’t get BAT-s for confirmed referrals.
BAT status is same and referrals are increased.

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Do you unterstand?
Balance was 500 BATs for 50 confirmed referrals and today I got 5 more confirmations and balance is still 500 BATs.

If the downloads were confirmed after August 1st, then they will be attributed as a part of next months payment. The first week of every month is a freeze month.

hi steeven . when pay for ref ?

Okay so it means that I will get balance status updated after first week of August for those 5 confirmed referrals ?

That’s correct @kolindarko. @Cade007 ref payments will go out over the weekend.


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