I have 2 confirmed users and the bonus does not appear to me!

Good morning, Community

I am relatively new with the use of this BAT platform that I am very happy with the browser that is excellent.

However I have a problem during this month, 2 users appear as confirmed and I have not yet received the payment corresponding to them, the BAT I have are tips that users have sent me to my YouTube channel Affiliated to Brave.

Please some moderator could help me in this regard or in such case how many days it would take to appear those BATs associated with the users that were confirmed.

I await your comments.

God bless you.!!

Hi @Exblood,

Thanks for reaching out! Here’s a post that answers common questions around incomplete payouts - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts.

Let us know if there’s anything else that we can help to answer!

Hello @steeven thank you very much,

I have been delayed in the allocation of payments, for example I get 5 confirmed but I do not win the amount of BAT equivalent to $ 5 on this opportunity since previous days I only had 3 confirmed.

Of the rest thank you very much for your attention and response.

We are in touch.

Hi @Exblood,

Any BAT earned in the first week of any given month will be paid out in the following month’s payout instead. Does is show a Sept. 8 payout?

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