I had 0.295 bat now i have 0.060

I know theres a month change and maybe that is the reason but i had 0.295 bat earned before today and now suddenly i have 0.060 and my wallet shows i got 0.00 innit.

I notice also there is no history too see what i made previous month…

Another thing you guys should fix many ads come up but it dosent pay on em i saw that many other users are having the same problem, is bat cheating us for ad money or whats the deal? And the guys responding on these tickets you work for Bat company or u guys just randoms???

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HI @Batmanmoney I think you are seeing a bug in the display of your ads earnings that can happen along with certain temporary server side errors. Nothing is lost and I think things should return to normal shortly. Also, tomorrow’s release will have some improvements to make this less likely.

All that being said, would you be willing to get on a screen share with us to confirm the diagnosis of your problem?

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