I earned 2 BAT token in march month and it's missing now

I need my 2 BAT tokens man this is absurd I received total 100+ ads last month and my earned reward hasn’t given to me

I also am missing my BAT awards. I was supposed to be receiving 6 BAT TOKENS! I don’t even know how many ads I looked at, but I logon today to get a lowsy 0.25 BAT. Can you believe that? Never had problems with payouts until a few months ago :frowning:

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I can’t believe that is unacceptable and this happening to everyone man also idk how they’ll help but i m hoping that everyone will get their earned BATs i want my 2 BAT tokens tooo :sob:

Seems like many are facing this issue, don’t worry brave will fix this if not will give a bonus next month.

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I have the same

I claimed my BAT and then there are gone. Nothing on my gemini wallet. 3 months I receive nothing

I think i’ll go back to safari. Since 3 months I had to receive more than 10 bat and I receive nothing

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I would never thought that this things doesn’t catch their eyes seems unprofessional kinda and sorry’to hear that its 10 BAT bro hope you’ll receive that somehow

I don’t think that’ll happen but hope we’ll receive it somehow

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If you received less BAT than expected please notes that All payouts to verified wallets are still processing. Payments to verified wallets and claims for unverified wallets will continue to process through next week. Thank you for your patience.

For updates you can follow the Banner topic Ads Payout Status Update.

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I saw those .250 bat but missing them on my Gemini even the estimated reward was higher. They are nowhere right now.


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