I don't understand why we need uphold in between

The brave browser with inbuilt wallet is one of the best concepts in crypto. I just don’t understand why there is something like uphold in between. Wouldn’t it be much more streamlined if the rewards go directly into your brave wallet, where you then can stake or trade it? Why is there the need for another login, another recovery phrase, another transaction including fees etc. Anyone, please explain it to me, maybe there is something i am missing here. THX


gas fees on the ethereum chain are the main issue I would think. it would cost hundreds of dollars per transaction.

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yeah I agree with you on this… hope they successfully implement the Solana integration so that we will have direct and low fee transactions on rewards.


Why? Solana has Low Gas Fees? I don’t know about that

fees are mostly cause by congestion of the network. and etherium network is so congested for that a single swap or send of tokens will cost you few hundred USD worth of gas fees (well not all the time though)… so they are implementing eth2.0 that will have bigger block size which theoretically lowers fees among other benefits. you can look up on this if you’re interested. … But for solana network, they have less congestion so lower fees. for more technicality, you can look it up in google there are multiple articles about this topic.

Solana fees average at 0.00025$ per transaction. It is also much faster.

Solana just need to make the network a bit more fault tolerant (it is still experiencing some minor hiccups every once in a while) but it’s one of the more promising crypto out there.

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