I dont get any BAT ads!

Im using brave since 4 days and i didnt get any ad in all day, im windows 10 from Venezuela in the version 1.9.76, and i have cofigurated the notifications in windows 10 and brave setup

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Venezuela only has 1 active ad campaign, which could explain why you haven’t been seeing any ads. However, there are a couple of things you could check to make sure that the issue isn’t somewhere else. Make sure that Rewards and Ads are turned on and make sure that Brave has permissions to send notification. After that, try turning ads off, closing out, opening back up, and turning ads on back again. That will hopefully resolve your issue.

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Well, i try it but isnt work, thanks for reply

I am in Chile and I have been receiving the rewards but today I did not get any. I have the ads, I watched and I did not get the reward.
I am using ubuntu 14.04

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