I don't fulfill hardware requirements to install Win10 now. Don't plan to do so!

Can I , somehow, still update Brave for Win8.1 ; Without installing Win 10 In my current computer ?
Any suggestions !
I have Malware Byte and Ransomware installed ! Is this sufficient help to warrant Brave Security !

I believe you can still manually install updates. I would keep the Brave installation file handy and use it when you see an update pushed through on the Community page.

Malware Byte and Ransomware may catch problems after you get them. The better way is to patch the holes in the browser by keeping it up to date.

Brave hasn’t stopped support yet, but will be after next month. Once that happens, you won’t be able to update anymore. Originally I thought you’d be able to just manually update, but it’s been explained that won’t be possible either, due to differences in the OS. Brave and other web browsers have had to put in extra effort to translate everything into each version of the browser. Once Microsoft decided to pull the plug on official support, so is the majority of everyone else.

You’ll be able to continue using older versions of Brave but you’ll eventually be unable to receive updates. As to whether Malwarebytes and Ransomware is sufficient, the answer is no. Your OS is not going to be getting any additional security updates and this will create vulnerabilities in your device as time goes on.

It is likely places like Malwarebytes will also end up dropping support. You’ll notice in their current list at https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038984713-System-requirements-for-Malwarebytes-for-Windows there isn’t Windows XP or anything. And for Windows 7, they required you to have a specific Microsoft Security Update to work. This lets you know once Microsoft pulls the plug, they also will do the same.

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Thanks for the correction, @Saoiray, I wasn’t aware of this.

@feldspar, if you’re willing to consider other possibilities, your hardware should still be able to run Linux quite well. There are several excellent distributions that would likely meet your needs. I’d be happy to suggest a few.

Thank you for your response much appreciated. Have go further look into all suggestions. Happy New Year.

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Brave security is not so much about tracking malware, but about enhancing. Code changes, features as well. Old versions may not be able to function properly with the new features.
And this is not only about Brave, but about every piece of software. Win 8 is quite old and not supported. I would really consider upgrading hardware in order to keep having a functional system.

Yes, a 70s Fiat is still able to run in the streets. But if there are not replacements for it, soon or later becomes a burden. :slight_smile:

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Just saying, real life demands go in hand with needs! An example is CUBA , they still have very old cars that for some no mechanical parts abound. Yet, the ingenuity of man and need for service has obliged them to makeshift. Thus, BRAVE must do the same! How many millions are still using such a version of WIN OS? Markets don’t grow on trends but stand strong on need. Thank you for your earlier response!

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