Can not update Win 10

Please, Please, Please. Folks it has been 2 months and I have been unable to update my win 10. When I click on update it says I have a security error. I have spent all kinds of time tracking down the supposed error. My system is completely secure. Can someone please help. No, I forgot the error number.

@chesty65 have you tried going to and just installing again? This will manually patch things and install on top. Do note that I am not instructing you to uninstall, just am saying to download and install over what you have. This will just update and repair Brave on your device without losing any information.

No. This is happening on all browsers. been like this for months.

What are you saying no to? That you’re not going to try to install? I mean, you mentioned it’s not updating. Or are you saying it’s a different issue? Installing vs updating are two different things.

Can’t really help without knowing what issue you’re having. Perhaps you should share more on the exact message you’re receiving.

Well, when everything is over it says that it could not install updates (after reaching 99%) and it would uninstall what it did. An error message cam up but I was so ticked off after seeing this notice for I dont know how many times that I forgot to write it down.

I think chesty65 meant Windows Update problems, not problems with updating Brave.

Could be. If so, this is the wrong place to seek out help as this is about browser only.

Well then, can you point me to the right place to seek answers. I just recently downloaded Brave and its kinda hard rto find where I can find help on different topics.

@chesty65 if the issue is about your Windows not updating, then you would go to Microsoft Windows for support. Brave support is for issues relating to Brave browser and its products. Brave has absolutely nothing to do with why your OS may be having issues performing updates.

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