I do not receive a monthly rewards contribution

Good morning, I have been using the browser brave for several months now and have not received the monthly rewards, if I could be informed about the problem and its solution, please

Can you elaborate more about this?

Hi. I installed the Brave browser some time ago but I hadn’t used it until about 4 months ago. I had already connected the wallet to my Uphold account and I am even verified.
As I said, four months ago I started using the Brave browser as my main internet browser, because already after I read better what it consisted of it certainly seems to me that it is the best there is.
Regarding the topic of rewards, I could only collect as it says in the attached image 1 BAT for some advertisements I could see. I understand that for my country, Venezuela, they are not fully qualified. This was in the month of March.
Then I was waiting for the first days of April to give me the monthly contribution that, as I read, the platform gives us users to be able to reward our favorite creators. This was not the case, so I waited until May, and I did not get the contribution either. In June, the same thing happened too.
Then my question is, why didn’t I get this contribution, which I read, comes the first days of every month, or is this option no longer enabled?
I am enclosing images of my current balance and each month’s statement, where it is verified that no contribution has arrived.
Thank you for your attention.

Well, I’m still unclear about what you mean by “monthly rewards”. There’s no “monthly rewards”. Tye only way for users to earn BAT (rewards) is by opt-in to Brave Ads.

Minimum Bat is 5 BAT

Thank you very much, I understand. The ads have already started to appear. Another question, what I have in my wallet, can I take it back?

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