I have not received any monthly payments

A little more than 2 months ago I verified my wallet uphold, but I still do not receive monthly payments for using the browser, it is assumed that by using it we also get BAT tokens monthly, I have everything verified and connected to my browser, why do I still not receive tokens?

Did you asking as a (browser) user? @uptrendGaming as a user, you not receive BAT for using Brave. You can opt-in to Brave Ads to start earning BAT – available for supported countries

I have 1 channel as a content creator linked to brave, my twitter account @eljuno

I refer to the BATs I must receive to tip my channel, I have not received any BAT for that, there are many videos where others do receive it.


I think that this has to do with your location. I don’t really get any add earnings either, but I have received tokens for referring other users.
As far as I know, you should be able to receive tokens even without a verified Uphold wallet.
My suggestion would be to try to reinstall your Brave browser and see if that fixes it, since you won’t get the tokens for these few months anyway…

I hope this helps.

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