I didn't got my brave rewards

Can anyone help me . It says reviewing when will I get paid ?? Can anyone tell me ??

Probably in the process of paying out.

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There are a lot of people who can’t get paid. You will most likely get paid on July 6

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Current situation I gave you screenshot can you tell me whether I get paid in this month or not ??

Hello friend, I see the report has 0.00 BAT, this means the payment will be loaded in July.

Will I get paid during the day? My wallet has not received any reward yet.

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You should get it anytime around the 8th of July.

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Screenshot 1: you did get 19.7 BAT in your mobile wallet – they are there.

Screenshot 2: notice the “Minimum balance for payout is 5 BAT” and you only have 4.45 BAT there so you won’t get paid this month.

Hope this helps.

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That means 19.7 bat will pay this month ??

These 19.7 BAT are already in your mobile wallet – you can use them to tip any publisher you want. You can try by tipping 1 BAT to one of your own publisher channels for example, then you will get over the 5 BAT minimum balance and will get paid them the next months too.

Sorry friend I wanted to ask you when will the 19.7 bat transfer to my uphold account because in uphold account the balance says 0

Bro I have a little bit confusion will my 19.7 bat automatically added with 4.45 bat . Or it will remain in brave wallet besides tips or contribution I can’t do anything with it ?

The 19.7 BAT will remain in your mobile wallet. You can use them to tip content creators including yourself (but this is not recommended).

The 4.45 BAT will be credited to your Uphold account as soon as they reach the 5 BAT minimum.

I had 11.2 BAT payout but haven’t received it yet from my phone. I got like 5.5 from the desktop computer. If you earned it they should just pay.

Ok… my uphold account was not verified before 1st of the month, the BAT (may + june ) all will be transferred to my uphold next month or the BAT of MAY will be of no use.

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