I didn't get May 08 payment

May 8 is already gone and I did not get my pending 42.75 BAT. Now next pending date showing June 8.

What is happening actually? My uphold account is verified also. I thought it would be good too make a video for my channel if I get payment. May I know why this late?

I have the same problem :confused:

@marwan10 @Jehan02 yesterday payout is for contribution that you recevied from 1-31 of previous month (April). Contribution that you received after that period will be sent next month.

Thanks, my 2 confirm arrives after may 1th. But I have another problem, I have more than one month using Brave and I didn’t receive my pay yet in the wallet :confused: I’m so confuse

Can you elaborate more? I’m not really sure about your issue.

Sure and sorry for my english I’m latin american. So I started using Brave on Feb 17th, my first month I did 87 BAT but I had the auto-contribute mood activated so I missed that Bat. On April 6th I desactivated the auto-contribute, and I supposed that my first pay will be in this week but I didn’t receive any pay in my wallet

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