I didnt get any

Im using ios app of brave browser i looked there s red mark on the brave rewards icon pressed it to get my rewards 0.5bat but i didnt get it it says error then i reopened app and its gone!

Do you mean that the BAT, as well as the option to claim the BAT has disappeared? Also, can you tell me what the error you saw was?

My ads reward is less than estimated

@Mattches is it any problem?

No @Ramees1996. Because the payout is only for BAT you earned in May.

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@eljuno i need to know about free token grant on android.is it still available?

I believe no @Ramees1996. Since Brave Ads is now live and running.

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@eljuno thanks for the quick response

My pending rewards went from 0.5 to 0 BAT
the receive bat button for monthly payments dissappeared after giving unknown error

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