I can't withdraw my brave rewards to uphold account

I have my uphold account verified but when i try to withdraw my bat ,it takes me to the uphold page and there is showing me only 0.86 bat instead of 48

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Hi @Patrick101, it likely has to do with something that is currently being worked on:

Also, payout process is running currently and until it finishes, the values you see aren’t wholly reliable:

When you have time, read through the threads carefully and follow them for any updates. In the meantime, may I ask, how many wallets/ devices do you have linked to your Uphold?

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2 devices and 1 wallet ,i’m tryna contact a brave moderator and send him my wallet id ,maybe he can fix the problem

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Did sending that info solve your issue? I did same but received no reply

Make sure you have the latest version, v1.23.71, and try the fix that was suggested on the “Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet” thread, the original post. Once you have the latest version, try disconnecting and reconnecting your Uphold wallet. It may or may not work, but it’s worth a try. :crossed_fingers:

I sent him my info but nothing ,he didn’t reply but he saw the message .I have 60$ in my brave rewards account and i can’t withdraw it .The support from brave is kind a useless

I have the latest version. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my wallet in a variety of ways, from a short cycle to a power restart in between. Nothing made a bit of difference.

I think we must try to be patient a bit longer with the ‘BAT not porting issue’. Support are working on it, so hopefully it won’t be much longer.

I know it’s frustrating - the wait - but steeven is getting around to people; he will respond to you.

If you want to check on your progress with him, it’s best to use the same DM and/ or bump your current topic. Try not to send multiple DMs because it slows down support for us all.



I can tell you that most of my rewards are from a long time ago, from early Brave. I wonder if that is a common theme with those having trouble and whether it needs a new transaction to trigger the move. In other words, if I were to restore my BAT from my PC to my tablet using keywords, would that refresh the BAT and make it trigger? Worth asking. I may try that because I do have a work PC with BAT on it too, but that PC can’t run Brave at all anymore, so I’m going to have to restore that BAT onto another device soon, then link the uphold accounts.

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im starting to believe brave will not pay all the rewards. its been ages still no fix for this. i only got .25 bat instead of 2.75 last payout.

I am also very frustrated with my BAT still being stuck on my old browser. Get this, I got over 200 BAT stuck on my old computer (Account created since April of 2019). I let Brave try working out their bugs in March and April but finally decide to write a post on April 9th. My post was closed so I contacted a moderator. Steevan dm me asking for my wallet info and Brave version which I sent the same day.

Nothing for for a week and he just replied with, “Thanks, I’ve just sent.” I have no idea what he meant. What did he send? A reply? Instructions? My BATs? I have no clue. I have asked for clarification 5 days ago and nothing. I am still waiting. My patience is wearing pretty thin at this point. I’m still a huge supporter of Brave and invested in BATs as well but how can Brave scale if they don’t communicate with their customers in a timely manner?

I don’t even need a fix. Might be a bug that they are still working on for older Brave customer. But I would appreciate an update or acknowledgment that they are still working on my issue…

I completely agree. Once they conceived of BAT, they took on the role of custodian of a store of value. Convertible to Money. Like a BANK. That means transparency, accountability, and transactions that take milliseconds, not days. This is totally unacceptable, and clearly they don’t take the role seriously. I also have over 200 BAT, plus more, but if this is the level of competency here, I also have to reconsider. If I don’t see something in the next 2 business days, I’m reporting to the SEC.

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Give up. Nothing is being done. Your BAT is gone, just like mine. Criminals.

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