I can't translate following site


it’s beenn a very while since in trying to translate this domain: https://www.blizzardgames.cn/zh/

i’m using google translate extension that works on every other pages but this…

Is it’s my brave-nightly don’t let me do that (in chrome works flawlessly) or it’s the extension not properly working on this brave version?

Waiting for reply

thanks in advance


PS: i’ve tried “Translate Web Pages” firefox addon and works like a charm. Why cant we get the same in brave nightly?

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Hello @frost

could you try to clear cache and try again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Actually i need to be sure that is the cache, because other sites translate perfectly.
As im saying to be sure, because i’ve a session with blocked tabs and like 20 sites with 2 factor auth that i should repeat this annoying step for every single site if i’m gonna clear the cache.
Waiting for reply

then try to create new profile and install the translator extension there and see if that site work fine or not

Created a new profile and still:
Didnt change anything for that site

maybe it issue in nightly version did you tried brave release or beta version

Fortunately i had regular brave already installed as i used to use it before nightly…just tried from there again and nope…that site won’t get translated by that extension in Braves

For a doubt, i just cleared All time cache with all things checked in my regular brave.
Closed and restarted, tested google translate on that page and STILL won’t translate it!
Fortunately i didn’t clear cache on my all set up and fully updated Brave-Nightly!

let me ask someone from the team to check that @Aa-ron

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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From what I saw; when I navigate the web site, it quickly says; “this page cannot be trasnlated”, I do believe it will be so wise to talk to the Web compatability.

are you referring to mine website posted above? (i had to delete previous one coz there was no arrow referring to your reply)

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