Didn't Get My Rewards for July

I signed up for Brave around 2 years ago and it has consistently not delivered on promises. I didn’t even get my rewards for July 2022. It’s the same story from everyone you ask – and just gets more complicated and obfuscated with time. I have no specific questions here because I stopped caring a year ago. When you ask for help it’s like dealing with a bunch of arrogant 6 year old kids or cult members. I’ll keep using it, mostly because I’m too lazy to change, in hopes Brave gets it’s s#!+ together. But I have no expectations. The reward system is falsehood built upon obfuscation. Or maybe vice-versa.

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Hey, yes, sometimes the payment doesnt reach for a particular month. Happened to me as well in June. So I did not get my BATs in July on my windows and 1 android. They did arrive in August though which was the Payout month for earnings of July, so I also got my JUly earnings as well as june’s. If you did not receive July’s earnings that means you did not get it in August. So wait for mpayments to be completed for September payout For earnings in August and hopefully your July rewards will arrive with them. Also do check if your Rewards profile is flagged. Cheers

Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form? From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

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