I can´t send wallet balance to uphold and verify button does not go away

Hi, I am trying to send the brave rewards to my uphold account, but when I click the withdraw button, It just sends me to my uphold cards. I saw that some people are redirected to a Brave card so I opened one but still can´t send anything to it. Also I already tried to verify my wallet but brave still telling me to verify it, so I click the button again and again and again and still can´t be verified on Brave, but I am in Uphold, what can I do???

My Brave version is 1.9.80

SS of the verify button that does not go away


SS of my verified uphold account


Thanks @AntonyTC - were you able to successfully verify your wallet?

It looks like I can´t do it, when I click on “Verify Wallet” I just get redirected to the cards screen of my verified UpHold account

Hi @AntonyTC - was your wallet created this month?

I think I created it 1 or 2 months ago, but I “verified” (at least tried) it this month

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