Wallet never verifies?

When I click on the Verify Wallet button, it then brings me to Uphold where I go through that process there but when I’m done, the button still says Verify Wallet, like the whole thing isn’t taking for some reason. I did check with Uphold and everything is good with my wallet on their end so this issue appears to be on the Brave Rewards end. As far as I can tell I’ve followed all the right steps so not sure what’s going on. I’ve been trying to get this to work for a while now. Thanks for any help!

Hi @CoRyP2008, welcome to community and thanks for writing in!

When did you complete the Uphold verification process? It can take up to 24hrs for the rewards side to update.

I can’t remember exactly but it’s been way longer than 24 hours.

Thanks @CoRyP2008, what Brave version and OS are you using?

0.70.123 - Brave
Windows 10 Pro

Hi @CoRyP2008,

Sorry for the delay. Can you PM me the email linked to your account? I can take a closer look.

I’m having a very similar issue. I have a fully verified Uphold wallet, but when I click on the “verify wallet” button in Brave all it does is bring me to my Uphold home screen.