I can no longer use Brave for web dev because Java in file:// is broken

I wish that I could use Brave for testing for web development but your browser is broken.

It is important to be able to test html files in a browser without a server at the file:// level but you disable important things such as this

Which all browsers except for Brave fully support at file://

It is important for developers to be able to use pages which include html elements from other pages. Usually this is done with SSI on a server but many of us need to test our pages and do our dev on a local computer without a server and later upload our work to the server. The ability to use Javascript for a serverless alternative to SSI is priceless.

And your browser does not support this.

Change your policy.


(tagged brave team member for you)(looks to me, he is on leave)



Try opening Brave by adding --allow-file-access-from-files to target.
Note: There is a space before –allow

Taken from How Do I Use Command Line Flags in Brave?

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‘Much better solution is to run a little http server locally.’

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