I apparenly saved the recovery code for an old account, it shows balance at 0, while Uphold says I have almost 7 BAT right now

I’ve tried using a recovery code I had but it was for an empty Solana account for some reason (never used Solana) my main rewards account thats always been linked to my uphold seems to have disappearead and I have no idea how to find the recovery code for it. Should I just transfer out from uphold, make a new brave wallet account and then make a trasnfer to the new uphold? (I should be able to link it that way huh? And then the original BAT account I can’t seem to access should at least be able to accept two accounts right? If I add a new one it’s not gonna remove that EUR account that somehow got added yeah?

I don’t see any other way since apparenlty the recovery codes I have is not working, just added accounts with zero balance. Maybe if there was a way for me to log out on brave rewards and try log in with the account I use with uphold, I’m not sure how it works behind the scenes but just look at some of this

( I have never had a EUR bank account so no Idea how that got linked…) Can someone please help me figure out how to log back in to this account? Because clearly the two accounts I’ve added aren’t the brave wallet account that I have linked with Uphold. Never had this problem before. But you can see the amounts between uphold and the linked brave wallet are indeed of the same value. So maybe earlier on this bank thing was the only way to do it, but I’m from Australia, I don’t think I’ve ever even paid in EUR once.

Here is what the Brave icon in the URL bar shows, but when I try look at the brave rewards accounts it shows me theres an account with nothing, and nothing else. Not sure how to get my original brave rewards linked up unless I can find this recovery code. Am I stuck with creating a new brave rewards, sending my uphold balance and then having to make a new uphold? (Or maybe I could transfer it back, idk I forgot how it works)

Maybe I saved the recovery code on another operating system I’ll have to check, but why does uphold seem to still understand my old account and even the Brave rewards in Solana but suddenly Brave rewards does NOT and I can’t seem to get them to show me any amount of BAT in their accounts they have saved for me. I found one recovery code and it just added and extra account with zero balances.

Where can I find the original account if possible or do I have to do what I mentioned above?

No such thing exists for Rewards. They used to have codes, but that was maybe around 2018? It’s been gone for a very long time.

All Rewards balances are kept on the custodial partner you had linked.

Prior to this year, there was a potential for people who weren’t using a custodial partner (such as Uphold or Gemini) to earn vBAT. Those were kept on a local level and if you did anything to wipe that profile, you would lose all your vBAT. There was no code to move it or recover on other devices.

And as to these types of questions, that’s for you to ask Uphold. It would have absolutely nothing to do with Brave and nobody here can help.

So what happens to the BAT stored on my Uphold? I’ll just need to make a new BAT rewards account and connect that to Uphold?

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Sorry, didn’t see your second reply until I had replied already :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the help mate

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