I still haven't received my payment from Brave Creators

Greetings! on April 6th I had 43.46 bats and today I have 6.93 bats, however the missing bats were not transferred to my wallet, please @steeven help me what would happen? as it said that “Payments to the Uphold and Gemini wallets have been completed.” and I also sent you my DM April 2021 Creators Payout

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Please DM the email linked to your account.

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Greetings @steeven I sent you in a DM my email as you asked me please help me thank you

Greetings @steeven received the information you requested? I appreciate all your help.

Greetings @steeven I have written to you about my case in several ways, I sent you my email as you requested and still without a solution.

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