Https - unsafe website warning


I have an unusual problem. I’ve got warnings that that the website is not secure (red exclamation sign icon), specifically for hotmail website (and not for others). When I click the address it shows it’s https. After refresh, the locker icon is shown.

Can it be a bug on the brave side? How likely it is due to malware (my guess is it may be a kind of man in the middle attack targeting specifically email sites)?

I obviously can’t double-check this because I’d have to log into your email account, but I suspect it’s due to something called the “mixed content blocker”.

Basically what that means is that if a website using HTTPS tries to include an image that’s using HTTP (for example, one that is included in an email), then the browser will block it and display that insecure warning in the URL bar.

GMail prevents this by proxying all HTTP images over HTTPS, but maybe Hotmail/Outlook doesn’t do that.

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