How to start a different bravo browser using a socks proxy?

I want to start bravo that is different from the default one by using a socks proxy (The default one should not use the proxy). Is there a way to achieve this (a command line approach is appreciated)? Thanks.

Are you wanting to do this by using:

  • two different browser profiles on the same Brave installation
  • Two different Brave installations – One stable build, one Beta build, for example.

I don’t want to use the 2nd approach, i.e. two Brave installations. For the 1st approach, do I have to use two brower profiles? Given that the only thing changed is just whether a socks proxy is used or not, can I just use one profile with the proxy added? Or just start the browser with a private windows (in this case the profile is not used?)? Thanks.

Gotcha. No I think you can follow the cmd instructions for Chromium here:

Should work the same in Brave – please let me know either way.

It looks working. It also has the option to make sure DNS requests are not leaked locally. But I want to test to make sure this is indeed the case. How to test that the DNS requests are indeed through the proxy? Thanks.

could test by visiting or

Details from,

Another option, probably a better option is using a VPN + smart DNS services.

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